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About be my light. 

Be My Light (BML) is about exploring and applying Bible stories in modern life.  It reflects on how God relates to His people in spiritual, emotional and relational struggles, and how God draws us into deeper knowledge and intimacy with Him through these struggles in both the ancient times and in the 21st century.


This site can be used for both personal devotion or study group interactions.




BML is consisted of: 




Some author names shown on this website may be pseudonyms as some of us are workers serving in sensitive regions of the world. 




The Name

The website is named after Mother Theresa's autobiography Come Be My Light. In it she recalled a prolonged agonizing time of spiritual darkness which shocked even her closest friends. It could only be understood later when the experience allowed her to connect with a compassionate God and His people at an intimate level that she was not aware of before, and empowered her to be the person God called her to be.




Interested in sharing your story on BML?

If you are interested in sharing your journey with God, and if it matches the above theme, we'd love to hear from you!


Simply fill in the contact form below with a brief summary of what you like to share and we'll get back to you soon!





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