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Journey with the Prophets

What is it?

  • A series of 30 chronological Bible discussions from Adam to Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the End Times.

  • Each session has a Bible passage, explanation and reflective questions. Some also have short videos (more coming soon)

  • Suitable for both individual study or group discussion

  • A resource designed for DMM, or DBS in CPM. If you know these acronyms, then this is for you.

The underlying theme
  • God has made it clear no one is capable of redeeming themselves or drawing near to God, but God promised He would provide a way.

  • God revealed His requirements to the Prophets:

Sin needs to be dealt with seriously, in the form of a 'sacrifice', the shedding of innocent blood to cover the sinner's shame in God's presence. But no animals' blood is ever enough.

  • God revealed His plan to the Prophets:

God would establish a new everlasting covenant, through an anointed man descendent from David, who would be able to fulfil this sacrifice needed to cover the world. 


These ideas were not a new invention made up by first-century Christians, but were consistently found in God's revelations to different Prophets many centuries before Jesus was born.


What languages are available?


  • Currently only in English and Arabic

  • Languages coming up are Farsi, Urdu, Turkish, Kurdish, Indonesian



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How can I use it?

As the series simply has a Bible passage, explanation and reflective questions, there are different ways you can use it:

  • Individual devotions or self-study: the studies can be used separately as a stand-alone reading or as a chronological series. You may use it as you use any other devotional materials

  • A Bible Study group setting: Bible passages can be read prior to or during meetings, and group leaders may use the reflective questions to facilitate discussions

  • Discipleship: Invite someone to go through the series with you one-on-one to deepen each other faith's and understanding of God's Word and the Messiah together

  • Evangelism: Invite someone curious about the Bible or the Christian faith to explore the stories and teachings of the prophets together with you. Simply send the link and encourage dialogue and questions 

Image by Aaron Burden
How is it different from DBS or Al-Massira?

  • It covers more Prophets, such as Aaron, Elijah, Daniel, Jeremiah, Amos and John the Baptist

  • It intentionally uses stories of the Old Testament Prophets to address two inter-related theological questions: 

  1.   Why is the Messiah promised by God both fully human and fully God? (i.e. How can we say Jesus is God?)

  2.   How can one man pay for everyone's debts of sin? 

  • It comes with short videos (coming end of 2021!). Each is only 4 min long, allowing more flexible use and sharing in time-restricted social contexts.

  • Using Google and Youtube SEO, all materials are made widely accessible on the internet (by mid-2021) so that individual seekers can find and navigate them easily. It does not require anyone to go through a private training or obtain certain media files. 

  • It also addresses political and social grievances commonly experienced by many young people in the Middle East.

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