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Your plan vs. Jesus' plan (Mark 5)

Two individuals of very different backgrounds and experiences somehow found themselves in utter hopelessness. They both knew there was only one hope--Jesus. They must find Jesus. And they each had a very detailed plan to finding healing in Jesus. Except Jesus was to completely ruin their plans.

Read the story of Jairus and the Bleeding Woman in Mark 5: 21-43.


1. Both Jairus and the woman had specifically come up with a plan to get healing from Jesus. What do you notice about their plans? 2. Jesus seemed to deliberately completely ruin their plans. How would this affect them (physically, emotionally, spiritually)? 3. In what ways was Jesus' plan better for a. the woman? b. Jairus? c. us (reading the story today)?

4. Jesus asked two seemingly rather stupid (and very insensitive) questions: "Who touched me?" and "Why are you weeping?" Why?

Feel... 4. In our walk with Jesus, are we tempted to just touch a corner of Jesus' clothing and disappear? How will you respond to Jesus' question, "Who touched my clothes?"

5. When we ask God for help and healing, has God made you wait until something you're desperate for dies? How will you respond to Jesus' question, "Why all these weeping?"  

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