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The Lord’s Supper—Traumatic Memory?

“Do this in remembrance of me.”

The disciples knew they would have to repeat that supper on a rather frequent basis in the future in remembrance. And it was commanded, so there would be no escape. But what does keeping the Lord’s Supper most likely remind them of? When was the Last Supper taken?

It was taken on the night of their utter failure. The night of their utter betrayal. The night of their utter denial. It was the night of traumatic arrests and regrets. It was the night the disciples most disgustingly failed. And now and forever they have to remember it!

This is the richness of the bread and the cup—the body of Christ was broken for them, the blood of Christ was shed for them, just at the point of our utter failure, utter betrayal, and utter denial. Christ is already there and already forgives. Remember this.

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