What is wrong with this world?!

Read the story in God's Word here (Genesis chapters 2-3)

It all began with Prophet Adam آدم .

There is a countless number of things we can say about what's wrong with our world. But what has God revealed to us about His perspectives?

God created mankind in His own image. God wants us to bear characteristics of Him: loving, creative, relational, compassionate. Yet God did not create mankind to be programmed robots. We enjoy the freedom of choice.

God desires to have an intimate relationship with mankind. He desires to communicate and walk with them. 

Sin entered the world...

But mankind's own desires to be in charge and decide what is best for us. Adam and Eve wanted to decide what's good and what's evil for themselves, so they did not follow God's will and betrayed God. This disobedience is sin, and sin broke this sacred relationship with God, and this broken relationship leads to death

God knew what they had done. God can see through everything and everyone.

God asked them, 'Where are you?'

What is the human response? Shame, blame, fear, and hiding from God. Adam and Eve simply wanted to pretend nothing had happened. How sad and hurt God must have felt. 

This is the story of what is wrong with mankind. We dishonour God by sinning, by thinking that we, instead of God, are in charge. Sin has entered the world. Like Adam, we have all sinned as we try to replace God in our lives..

The consequence is death (both physical and spiritual death) and eternal separation from God because God is holy and He cannot tolerate sin.

The relationship between God and mankind is broken. 

The relationship between mankind is broken. 

The relationship between mankind and the world is broken. 

Our choice and evil desires led to the destruction of these three fundamental relationships in the world God has created, leading to suffering, broken relationships and death.

But God provided a way out.

God is a merciful and loving God. He would not give up. He immediately announced a plan-- a plan to make the relationship right, a plan of redemption:

God promised that one day, someone would be born and defeat both sin and death. Through this, the relationship between God and mankind would be restored. We would be able to enter God's presence and paradise again.

God stated very clearly that the fulfilment of this promise would be provided by God Himself. Mankind cannot provide an answer because we are sinful. God is a faithful God. When He promised something, we can trust that He would do it.

God covered their shame

God provided clothes for Adam and Eve to cover their shame. The clothes were made of the skin of the first sacrifice animal.  The first death had happened as a result of mankind's disobedience.

How shocking and shameful it must have been for mankind to witness blood and death for the first time, seeing the cost of this broken relationship with God. God also provided this sacrifice as a symbol of the great promised that God had made with His beloved people.

Listen to God and Pray...

1. What can you relate to in the story?

2. What does God reveal about Himself and His relationship with His people in this reading?

3. Is God speaking to you? How would you respond to God?

4. Who can you share this story with?

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