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Soul Cafe 

 An international group in Central Manchester for exploring
the Bible, including stories of the Prophets
in the Old Testament (توراة and زبور‎).

We study Scriptures, discuss, ask questions, pray
and fellowship together every week. 

Join us
Every Tuesday 6:00 PM @ Piccadilly Gardens

YES we are back to meet face-to-face again!  

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No upcoming events at the moment
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How to find us
We're currently meeting every Tues evening 6:7:30PM at Methodist Central Building on Oldham Stree, M1 1JQ (usually at the basement). It's behind Morrisons at Manchester Piccadilly Gardens

Prophets covered by our discussions

  • Adam

  • Cain & Abel

  • Noah

  • Abraham

  • Ishmael & Isaac

  • Jacob

  • Joseph

  • Moses

  • Aaron

  • Joshua

  • Samson

  • Samuel

  • David

  • Solomon

  • Elijah

  • Ezra

  • Nehemiah

  • Isaiah

  • Jeremiah

  • Daniel

  • Jonah

  • Malachi

Questions we ask 

  • What is God revealing about Himself in the story? 

  • What do we learn about human weaknesses?

  • How does God relate to His people in the story? What kind of relationship does God want with us?

  • Is God speaking to me through the story today? How would I respond? What is stopping me? 

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