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through the prophets

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

 ﺃﻣﺜﺎﻝ 9:10

Am I right with God? How do I know Him? What does God want from me?

Follow the stories and revelations of the Prophets

from Adam, Abraham, Moses, to Jesus the Messiah 

(in historical chronological order)



Adam آدم  

What is wrong with this world?!



Noah نوح‎

When death comes into the world



Abraham إِبْـرَاهِـيْـم‎  (Part 1)

Walking with God



Abraham إِبْـرَاهِـيْـم‎  (Part 2)

Waiting on God



Abraham إِبْـرَاهِـيْـم‎ (Part 3)

Ishmael إسماعيل: God hears my cry



Abraham إِبْـرَاهِـيْـم‎ (Part 4)

What does God want from me?



Moses'مُوسَى (Part 1)

Let My People Go Free



Moses'مُوسَى (Part 2)

Jihad against Sin and Disobedience



David داؤد‎ (Part 1)

God looks straight at the heart



David داؤد‎ (Part 2)

Fighting the Giant



David داؤد‎ (Part 3)

Dealing with Enemies in God's Way



Amos عاموس

The Lord said, "I hate your religious festivals!"

Jeremiah إرميا

'Peace, Peace, but there is no peace!'

Daniel دانيال

Visions from God in times of oppression and exile